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Sedona has one of the best weathers you will find in the county, with its marked differences between all four seasons. It does not get too hot, nor does it get too cold. We have our days of heat, yes, but the dry weather saves us. We have 4 or 5 snow storms in winter, but the snow only piles to about 4-5 inches and melts in 3 days, so no shoveling!

The Monthly Average Weather Chart shows average high/low temperatures for each month of the year, as well as average rainfall, sunrise and sunset times. The average difference between the high and low average monthly temperatures is 29 degrees Fahrenheit, which shows how pleasant the evenings can be even in summer. Sedona weather seems to be about one month early from the chronological calendar seasons. That is spring may start in March instead of April and so on.

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Spring – With an average high temperature of 71 degrees and an average low of 41 degrees this time of the year we all go out and start working in our gardens. It is also the perfect time for hiking and cycling. In the evenings we light our indoor or outdoor fireplaces and enjoy the beauty of the scenic red rocks.

Summer – With an average high temperature of 92 degrees and an average low of 60 degrees this time of the year it is still nice and dry to do activities outdoor. Kids are on vacation and its pool time and summer activities. The fruits and tomatoes are harvested and down comes the rain cooling down hot days. Traditionally July and August we get the famous Monsoons of Arizona, which are strong rains that do not last long but drop a lot of water (about 2 inches per month in July-September.)

Fall – With an average high temperature of 74 degrees and an average low of 45 degrees this time of the year it is quite comfortable for all sorts of outdoor activities. The leaves start turning brown nearby Oak Creek Canyon begins its magnificent display of yellows, reds and browns. The evenings in this season are gorgeous with the deep oranges, reds and purples dressing the West skies.

Winter. With an average high temperature of 55 degrees and an average low of 30 degrees it is time for the indoor. We will get a few snowstorms in winter, but just a few inches and it will quickly melt. It used to be ten years ago that we would get a bit more snow, but weather is changing and Sedona is not the only place feeling the impact. The red rocks of Sedona in contrast with the snow make an extraordinary picture everywhere you look. It’s breathtaking.

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