The Art of Placement

If you are selling a house that has furniture think of bringing a professional in residential design to your house to help you present your house in a better light. Please make sure that the person has a degree in the residential design, since there are many people who claim to be residential designers and do not have formal education in the subject. It makes a difference believe me. A one-hour consultation with a professional will be well worth your investment.

The Art of Placement makes use of the furniture and decorative items you already have in your house and redistributes them around your home creating the best possible expression of your home. Usually in 2-4 hours depending on the size of the house a good professional designer will transform your house in a way that will seem incredible to you. Depending on the hourly fees you may be looking at $150-400 for this work.


If you are selling a house that does not have furniture think of bringing a professional in residential design that can “stage” your house. A staged house will always show better than an empty house making spaces look larger and more appealing. Most people have difficulty imagining how furniture will look in a given space. Staging takes away that guesswork.

When you stage you will have to rent furniture and pay for the in/out shipping charges, plus the consultation fees. The cost of this will depend on how large the house is (fixed one time fee) and how long it takes to sell the house, since there is also a monthly charge for the “rent” of the furniture.

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