To quickly sell your home it’s important to plan ahead and “not put the cart ahead of the horse”. While we can and will do our work to find qualified buyers for your home through our various marketing efforts, you should aim at positively impressing these buyers when they see the house. “There is never a second chance to make a good first impression,” they say, and simple things can turn off buyers. Think of this, buyers may be touring with an agent and see six or eight houses in just one day. If your house does not stand out the probability that they will remember and consider yours for an offer is low.

Home presentation is part of marketing your house. Think of this: Your home listing is being broadcast to the world to attract potential buyers. You are advertising the property to raise “awareness” that your house is for sale. “Aware” buyers will study your listing pictures and details of the house to decide if they want to go and see it. These eyeballs are your potential buyers. Here are a few tips to maximize appeal for you to consider:


Your house is the reflection of your personality and life style and as such it is perfect for you. The buyer, however, will have different tastes and preferences and may not appreciate what you have created with so much love and care in your home. So the first step in Home Presentation is to de “de-personalize” the home as much as you can. This means that you have to eliminate elements that while dear to you may not be dear to the buyer. It means for me, for example, that if I were to sell my home I should get rid of that red wall in my daughter’s bedroom and paint it white. The safest approach is to have your house be in a “neutral” zone.

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sedona real estate

House with lots of things rarely sell well. The less the better in this case. Buy some boxes and start putting away all those things that you don’t need right now and place them in storage, ideally away from the house. This is very important when pictures of the house are taken because the pictures will not look that good with lots of things in them. “A picture is worth a thousand words” and if the pictures says “clean”, “tidy” it will sell better.


This is a much-discussed aspect of having a presentable house, and it is an important one. Some people may have liked your listing pictures, but when they drive to your house they turn around and leave because they did not like the curb-appeal of your house. The obvious place to start is with cleaning and basic landscaping that can be done inexpressibly in many cases and can be done by you and your friends at Home Depot.

The next place to look at is the architectural style and elements in front of your house. Can you dress up those windows by putting a color frame around them, or by putting shutters on each side? Can you dress up the entry by framing it, or by putting a handrail? Can you paint your house outside in a different color? Yes, these things can cost some money, but they are the difference in getting you a good price for your house and selling quickly. We can help you determine if the investment that is needed will payout when you sell.

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If you are selling a house that has furniture think of bringing a professional in residential design to your house to help you present your house in a better light. Please make sure that the person has a degree in the residential design, since there are many people who claim to be residential designers and do not have formal education in the subject. It makes a difference believe me. A one-hour consultation with a professional will be well worth your investment.

The Art of Placement makes use of the furniture and decorative items you already have in your house and redistributes them around your home creating the best possible expression of your home. Usually in 2-4 hours depending on the size of the house a good professional designer will transform your house in a way that will seem incredible to you. Depending on the hourly fees you may be looking at $150-400 for this work.

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Did you know that your best probability to sell your house at the best price is in the first 4-6 weeks of listing of your property? This is because of the existence of the “Hoverers”. The Hoverers are the people who have been in the market for a long time searching for a home to buy and have not found it. They are expectant of new listings entering the market and are ready to move as soon as they see one that fits their criteria.

Hoverers exist in every market and are the best source of quick sales. They will see your house once and be ready to write an offer immediately. They have probably attempted to buy another house only to lose it to a higher bidder, or they have fallen out of escrow for some issues with the house, or simply have not found the property that best fits their needs. They have seen the entire house inventory in the market and have yet to find what they want. By now Hoverers are educated buyers and know how much to pay for your house, so they will probably make you a reasonable offer. They are also probably anxious to move on with their lives, but can’t do it until they buy their new home. So hoverers are your best chance to get a quick, well-priced offer on your house.

Homes that don’t sell fast linger in the market and people start to think there is something wrong with them. Owners find themselves in the need to sequentially lower the price as time goes by and the home does not attract buyers. Real estate agents stop showing your house because they get convinced there is something wrong or the price is not right.

No marketing will make up for an overpriced house. Click here to see more.

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