sale000 Reay Rd. Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342

000 Reay Rd. Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342

Property ID: MLS 512762.

Property Description/Comments

This 7.76 acre lot is a genuine jewel just a few minutes from the I-17/Rimcock-Mc.Guireville Exit. Beaver Creek runs through the property creating lush green belt with several acres of flat buildable land. As you move North-West from the water creek you slope up the hill until you get to the top where there is a flat area for a large house and where the electric connection awaits the future lucky builder. This lot has caves that were probably used as living space some time past above which is the perfect location for a home, with views towards the creek. There is plenty of rock and sand to be used as building material for the future home. Lots of room for horses to graze, natural and private ponds and beaches, lots of huge Cottonwoods, Sycamores and Mesquite trees.




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